3 Things I’ve Learned

When I turned 40, my health (and weight) was out of control.  I felt miserable. I didn’t sleep through the night, I was tired all the time, and continually battled some type of illness.  I knew something had to change….and it did.

  1.  Take one day at a time.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, it will come anyway.
  2. Take time for yourself.  You deserve it.  Your family deserves it.  Taking 30 minutes a day for quiet time, reflection, yoga, walking, anything, will only make you healthier, happier, and stronger.
  3. Stop beating yourself up.  You are human, we have bad days, we make mistakes.  Take a deep breath and move on.

Oh yeah, I’ll throw one more in for good measure….throw that damn scale out the window because you deserve more than a freaking number on a scale.

So, go out now and take that 30 minutes for yourself and have a blessed day.


Confession Time…

Well, it’s February 29, and one more extra day for the month. What did you do to celebrate your extra day?  I took the dog for a nice 2.5 mile walk; then went on a 3.0 mile run.  It was great to feel the sun beating down on my body.

One thing I have to admit for February…I ate way too many carbs and too much sugar this month. I can blame it on #Valentine’s Day, or traveling for the #ATE conference, or my daughter’s birthday….or I can just admit that I have a weakness for carbs and sugar because they are so addicting!  Even #Plexus girls struggle from time to time. As I reflect on my month of over indulging, I know it is time to put my focus back on healthy eating again.  I have had tremendous growth these last three years of my health journey and there will be NO going back to old ways of thinking or eating.

With that, I am kicking off my March with a modified #10daydetox by Dr. Mark.  You can learn a little more about this diet from the Dr. Oz show.  I tried this program back in October and I learned more about my eating habits and felt that I was able to reset my eating and thinking about food.  Now, it is time to do the detox again to help me get back on track.

While I don’t believe in depriving myself, I do think limiting sugar and carbs is a good thing!

If you crave carbs and sugar, check out this article:  13 Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings

Think you are addicted to sugar, trying reading:  Is Sugar and Addictive Drug?

Could sugar be worse than salt, read more here:  Study Suggests Sugar is Worse for Blood Pressure Than Salt

Read more about this family:  Life Without Sugar: One Family’s 30 Day Challenge

And, of course, if you think some natural supplements will give you the needed boost to take control of your eating habits and your life, please check out my website.  Glenda’s Plexus Site.  Send me a message, I’m available to chat and help you meet your health goals.

Are You Stuck in a Rut?

Did you know that Blockbuster passed on buying Netflix for $40 million because they didn’t understand their business model?!
It was too different from their TRADITIONAL thinking…

Now most Blockbusters are shut down and Netflix has 50million+ customers and is worth an estimated ☆☆ $19.7 BILLION!!!!

I almost made the same mistake as Blockbuster. I was “secretly” using plexus products (and knew they were excellent products and working!) and I still stayed a closet user, never wanting any part of the business. I almost missed out on a huge business opportunity just because it’s a different business plan than I was used to!! I am SO glad I stepped out of my traditional thinking!!!

No quotas or inventory to keep.
No employees.
No paperwork.
No debt to open or operate.
Just $34.95 a year.

In 2014 and 2015 we made the ‘Inc.’ magazine top 500 FASTEST growing privately owned company in the country (#2 in health and wellness in 2014), with over 16,000% growth in 3 years, and is projected to be a billion dollar company in the very near future.

I survived the 10 Day Detox

Over the last 2.5 years, I have been on a journey to get healthy, once and for all.  I have done this by conquering one “issue” at a time. I knew that if I was going to be successful, I would have to do it naturally by changing my lifestyle along the way.  The yo-yo dieting was over for me.  That is exactly what I have done, small changes over the last 2.5 years have added to one BIG lifestyle change.  With that in mind, I decided to tackle a 10 day detox diet, based upon Dr. Hyman’s diet with some modifications.  You can see more about this plan on the Dr. Oz show.   I wanted to try this diet to kick any food addictions that were still lingering around, reset my metabolism, and really to just see if I could do it.  I did it!!!!  I successfully, completed the 10 day challenge and this is what I learned along the way…

  1. I survived!  When the detox symptoms started on the evening of Day 1, it was questionable that I would make it.
  2. Food addiction is real.  This I learned the day I was walking down the hallway at work and walked passed some highly processed cookies and wanted to lick the cookies for the sugar.  I don’t even eat or like cookies, but I was having withdraws from the added sugar in almost all of our foods. It’s real.  Read your labels.  Take a look at the 57 Names of Sugar.
  3. Sugar is sugar is sugar.  It doesn’t matter if it is bread, cookies, or fruit, when it enters your body, it is sugar.
  4. I eat too much fruit and that hinders weight loss.
  5. Detox symptoms are real.  I discovered this on Day 7, when I had cold chills on and off for two days, along with a low grade headache almost the entirety of the detox.
  6. I don’t need food to cure my boredom, make me feel better, or as a reward.
  7. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy.
  8. I have a better outlook on life.
  9. I love what the detox diet did to my body shape….hello, waistline.  It’s been forever since I’ve seen you.
  10. Lastly, I am worth it.

You are worth it….getting healthy is a reward, not a punishment. Get active, make some healthy food selections, read your food labels.  You are worth it. For me, I plan to be around for my children, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and teaching them the same thing.

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What is Freedom?

Everyone hears the stories of the big money makers from network marketing, those people that are making 6 figures a month, living large, and achieving financial freedom.  It sounds so attractive and who wouldn’t that?   Doesn’t everyone want freedom from something?  Freedom might mean living in a huge mansion on the beach, driving a Lamborghini, or traveling the world.  Freedom may also mean no longer having car payments, a mortgage, and taking a yearly family vacation. But, what does it really mean to my team, the ones that I have gotten to know so well over the last two years?

Here’s what it means to my team:

  • freedom is having some extra money to buy groceries for the week
  • freedom is paying your bills on time and having some money left over
  • freedom is being able to take you children back-to-school shopping
  • freedom is being able to stay at mom or dad
  • freedom is being able to retire from your J.O.B.
  • freedom is working towards securing your retirement
  • freedom is being able to donate to causes you hold dear to your heart
  • freedom is the peace of mind that you have options

In multi-level marketing (MLM),  everyone gets earns money from using your own products.  We aren’t running out to buy them from those “big box” retailers that don’t care about their own employees.  We simply purchase from our own websites and get a little kick back from doing so.  We don’t have a messy inventory or quotas to meet, we simply purchase and use our own products and get paid to share with others.  It’s that easy.

Celebrating 3 Years

Celebrating 3 years of the photo that changed my life!  I knew my health was getting out of control and I just didn’t know what to do.  I was doing what I had always been doing…walking daily and trying to eat healthy…I was full of worry and stressed out that nothing was working.  I knew it wouldn’t be long, at the rate I was going, that I would weigh 200 pounds. Although this day of full of misery and I cringed when I saw that photo pop up on Facebook, it was the jolt that I needed!  I asked for help that day.

Canton Community Garden, August 2013

Canton Community Garden, August 2012

That’s when I called a cousin to ask about some products she was promoting for weight loss.  I was HIGHLY skeptical that anything would work for me, since I had tried so many different things to lose weight and get healthy.   Although, immediately, I started drinking the pink drink and noticed a difference in my appetite and energy levels.  Then, I added a probiotic and biocleanse to the pink drink and that helped with all the severe stomach issues I had.  I did NOT lose any weight for the first few months, it was the non-scale victories that kept me going and make me a believer in natural health supplements.  These “victories” included…better sleep, more energy, better focus, improved memory, no digestive problems, and I was eating much less with reduced cravings.  Now, I realize it’s the health benefits that are much more important than the weight loss.  The weight will drop once you get healthy.

Fast forward, to three years later, I have taken control of my life…I am the healthiest I’ve ever been…I don’t have nearly the anxiety and stress in my life.  I am finding balance.

August 2012 - August 2015

August 2012 – August 2015

Last week, I went on a Plexus cruise to Central America and look at the difference in these photos. WOW!!    When this photo was taken in summer of 2012, I was miserable in my own skin.  Last week, summer of 2015, I visited three countries in three days without any stress or anxiety, ate healthy foods throughout the cruise (and you know cruise ships are full of temptation), and climbed to the top of Mayan ruins without even stopping until I reached the top!   Life is amazing.