What is Freedom?

Everyone hears the stories of the big money makers from network marketing, those people that are making 6 figures a month, living large, and achieving financial freedom.  It sounds so attractive and who wouldn’t that?   Doesn’t everyone want freedom from something?  Freedom might mean living in a huge mansion on the beach, driving a Lamborghini, or traveling the world.  Freedom may also mean no longer having car payments, a mortgage, and taking a yearly family vacation. But, what does it really mean to my team, the ones that I have gotten to know so well over the last two years?

Here’s what it means to my team:

  • freedom is having some extra money to buy groceries for the week
  • freedom is paying your bills on time and having some money left over
  • freedom is being able to take you children back-to-school shopping
  • freedom is being able to stay at mom or dad
  • freedom is being able to retire from your J.O.B.
  • freedom is working towards securing your retirement
  • freedom is being able to donate to causes you hold dear to your heart
  • freedom is the peace of mind that you have options

In multi-level marketing (MLM),  everyone gets earns money from using your own products.  We aren’t running out to buy them from those “big box” retailers that don’t care about their own employees.  We simply purchase from our own websites and get a little kick back from doing so.  We don’t have a messy inventory or quotas to meet, we simply purchase and use our own products and get paid to share with others.  It’s that easy.


2 thoughts on “What is Freedom?

  1. Absolutely. Freedom looks different for all of us. Throughout my life I have learned over and over that money isn’t everything. But, it does free you up to do what your heart desires. Following your heart is the most wonderful thing I can think of.

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