I survived the 10 Day Detox

Over the last 2.5 years, I have been on a journey to get healthy, once and for all.  I have done this by conquering one “issue” at a time. I knew that if I was going to be successful, I would have to do it naturally by changing my lifestyle along the way.  The yo-yo dieting was over for me.  That is exactly what I have done, small changes over the last 2.5 years have added to one BIG lifestyle change.  With that in mind, I decided to tackle a 10 day detox diet, based upon Dr. Hyman’s diet with some modifications.  You can see more about this plan on the Dr. Oz show.   I wanted to try this diet to kick any food addictions that were still lingering around, reset my metabolism, and really to just see if I could do it.  I did it!!!!  I successfully, completed the 10 day challenge and this is what I learned along the way…

  1. I survived!  When the detox symptoms started on the evening of Day 1, it was questionable that I would make it.
  2. Food addiction is real.  This I learned the day I was walking down the hallway at work and walked passed some highly processed cookies and wanted to lick the cookies for the sugar.  I don’t even eat or like cookies, but I was having withdraws from the added sugar in almost all of our foods. It’s real.  Read your labels.  Take a look at the 57 Names of Sugar.
  3. Sugar is sugar is sugar.  It doesn’t matter if it is bread, cookies, or fruit, when it enters your body, it is sugar.
  4. I eat too much fruit and that hinders weight loss.
  5. Detox symptoms are real.  I discovered this on Day 7, when I had cold chills on and off for two days, along with a low grade headache almost the entirety of the detox.
  6. I don’t need food to cure my boredom, make me feel better, or as a reward.
  7. I love the way I feel when I eat healthy.
  8. I have a better outlook on life.
  9. I love what the detox diet did to my body shape….hello, waistline.  It’s been forever since I’ve seen you.
  10. Lastly, I am worth it.

You are worth it….getting healthy is a reward, not a punishment. Get active, make some healthy food selections, read your food labels.  You are worth it. For me, I plan to be around for my children, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and teaching them the same thing.


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