Are You Stuck in a Rut?

Did you know that Blockbuster passed on buying Netflix for $40 million because they didn’t understand their business model?!
It was too different from their TRADITIONAL thinking…

Now most Blockbusters are shut down and Netflix has 50million+ customers and is worth an estimated ☆☆ $19.7 BILLION!!!!

I almost made the same mistake as Blockbuster. I was “secretly” using plexus products (and knew they were excellent products and working!) and I still stayed a closet user, never wanting any part of the business. I almost missed out on a huge business opportunity just because it’s a different business plan than I was used to!! I am SO glad I stepped out of my traditional thinking!!!

No quotas or inventory to keep.
No employees.
No paperwork.
No debt to open or operate.
Just $34.95 a year.

In 2014 and 2015 we made the ‘Inc.’ magazine top 500 FASTEST growing privately owned company in the country (#2 in health and wellness in 2014), with over 16,000% growth in 3 years, and is projected to be a billion dollar company in the very near future.


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