3 Things I’ve Learned

When I turned 40, my health (and weight) was out of control.  I felt miserable. I didn’t sleep through the night, I was tired all the time, and continually battled some type of illness.  I knew something had to change….and it did.

  1.  Take one day at a time.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, it will come anyway.
  2. Take time for yourself.  You deserve it.  Your family deserves it.  Taking 30 minutes a day for quiet time, reflection, yoga, walking, anything, will only make you healthier, happier, and stronger.
  3. Stop beating yourself up.  You are human, we have bad days, we make mistakes.  Take a deep breath and move on.

Oh yeah, I’ll throw one more in for good measure….throw that damn scale out the window because you deserve more than a freaking number on a scale.

So, go out now and take that 30 minutes for yourself and have a blessed day.


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