Confession Time…

Well, it’s February 29, and one more extra day for the month. What did you do to celebrate your extra day?  I took the dog for a nice 2.5 mile walk; then went on a 3.0 mile run.  It was great to feel the sun beating down on my body.

One thing I have to admit for February…I ate way too many carbs and too much sugar this month. I can blame it on #Valentine’s Day, or traveling for the #ATE conference, or my daughter’s birthday….or I can just admit that I have a weakness for carbs and sugar because they are so addicting!  Even #Plexus girls struggle from time to time. As I reflect on my month of over indulging, I know it is time to put my focus back on healthy eating again.  I have had tremendous growth these last three years of my health journey and there will be NO going back to old ways of thinking or eating.

With that, I am kicking off my March with a modified #10daydetox by Dr. Mark.  You can learn a little more about this diet from the Dr. Oz show.  I tried this program back in October and I learned more about my eating habits and felt that I was able to reset my eating and thinking about food.  Now, it is time to do the detox again to help me get back on track.

While I don’t believe in depriving myself, I do think limiting sugar and carbs is a good thing!

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And, of course, if you think some natural supplements will give you the needed boost to take control of your eating habits and your life, please check out my website.  Glenda’s Plexus Site.  Send me a message, I’m available to chat and help you meet your health goals.


Blood Sugar Crashes

My blood sugar was crashing on a daily basis.  It was getting so severe that I wasn’t able to leave my house for a 1-2 mile walk around the neighborhood without getting all shaky. In order for me to go for a walk, I would eat a handful of raw almonds.  If I ate the almonds, I would be able to walk without having a blood sugar crash.  That should have been a wake up call for me, but it wasn’t.  Instead of looking into regulating my blood sugar, I did as I always did…trying to eat (healthily) to control it. For as long as I can remember, I have tried to manage my blood sugar with food…I never left the house without packing extra food in my purse, bag, or backpack.  Many days, I would plan out the snacks I would need to have on hand  so I could make it between meals.

With those frequent blood sugar crashes, I frequently had dizziness, shakiness, hunger, headaches, irritability, weakness, anxiety, sudden fatigue, and poor concentration.  In many cases, I would become so hungry that I would binge eat to satisfy those hunger feelings.


Within a few days of drinking the pink drink, it was a complete turn around…

  • I wasn’t getting all shaky and losing concentration
  • I wasn’t snacking
  • I was eating less at meals
  • I had more energy
Steady blood sugar means steady moods, steady focus, and steady energy throughout the day. Drinking Plexus Slim each day has given me freedom from blood sugar crashes. I don’t go a day without drinking pink.